I'm a pastry chef, author, cookery teacher, gardener and edible flower grower, celebrating baking with natural, seasonal and local ingredients. 

I follow a simple philosophy when it comes to my natural baking, believing all products should have great flavour, great texture and be beautiful to look at too. I love to celebrate the goodness of natural wholefood ingredients, so my base ingredients today comprise of wholegrain organic flours milled in the UK, whilst using some interesting grains from abroad too, unrefined sweeteners like raw Suffolk honey, coconut sugar and brown sugar, cold-pressed extra virgin British rapeseed oil, organic dairy products and free-range eggs. Then come the magic ingredients like seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, dark chocolate, spices, citrus and many more. I want to create delicious food and recipes that satisfy all our senses and bring people joy! 

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All photographs by Lisa Linder.